You Should Run

You Should Run Alexandria Ayala

July 21, 2021

Alexandria Ayala is the first Latina to be elected to the Palm Beach County School Board. As she discusses in this You Should Run Podcast episode, this may be the most critical time ever to run for and serve on school boards, as education is becoming a lightning rod for far-right ideologues.

The average age of a school board member in America is 59 years old, yet the policies decided by school boards are wide ranging and directly impact parents of school age children. How do we get voters to prioritize school board elections and education policies? How do we make it easier for voices of all parents and students to be heard? Why is diversity in school policy so important and how can we promote more diverse candidates and ideas? With so much pressure and outrage directed towards elected leaders, how can we help their mental well being?

Alexandria Ayala touches on all of these questions and more in this episode as she explains why YOU should run for office.

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