You Should Run

You Should Run Jasmine Crockett

June 9, 2021

Fresh off of leading a walkout of Democratic legislators in Texas to oppose a bill restricting voting rights, Representative Jasmine Crockett is joining the You Should Run Podcast to discuss her motivation for running for office, fighting for South Dallas, the changes in Texas, and why YOU should run for office.

Jasmine was an underdog in her primary election and, as a first term legislator, there is an expectation that she would just wait her turn before making waves. But with civil rights issues, voting rights, criminal justice and more at the forefront, Jasmine was not going to wait to speak up. She has used her voice and office to amplify issues important to Texas citizens and she is galvanizing her party along the way.

Listen, share, and be inspired by her story and follow Jasmine on social media @Jasminefor100

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