You Should Run

You Should Run John Fetterman

June 15, 2021

From Mayor of Braddock, PA to LT. Gov and US Senate candidate, John Fetterman has made a big name for himself. In this You Should Run Podcast, John speaks about his journey into politics, staying consistent to the same messages, what has changed and what has not, and his view of the 2022 PA Senate race, which he hopes to win.

Where does John stand on the question of not just being another pretty face on the political scene? What are his views on other people running for Senate (you may be surprised!)? How can we get past bitter partisan divides? How does being a local elected official affect his view of statewide and national politics?

You will not want to miss this episode. Listen, share, subscribe, and maybe YOU will run for office too. Follow John on Twitter @JohnFetterman

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